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    Khmer Times, owned and published by Virtus Media Pte., Ltd., aims to bring its readers the latest news from Cambodia, the region and the world in print and digital formats, with the aim of reporting that news in an unbiased manner. When Khmer Times started we felt English-language news in Cambodia needed a fresh perspective in the way events are reported in this country. We publish five days a week, from Monday to Friday and our website is updated not only daily, but as news breaks. The readership of our website also grows daily and stories from our website are now regularly re-posted in media publications around the world, including with the Bangkok Post, Malay Mail Online, The Economist and The Sun. Our aim is to bring the latest news to our readers from a neutral stance. Writers with opinions to express are also welcome and are published daily on our Opinion and Analysis pages. We do not take sides on any issues and will publish the opinions of people on all sides of politics, business, social issues or hard news. We dare claim our hard-hitting insightful editorials and opinions are keenly followed by the government, lawmakers, diplomats and business people alike. It is up to the readers to make up their minds and the better informed they are from an objective analysis, the easier it becomes for them to decide which way they lean. We also listen to our readers and publish Letters to the Editor on a variety of subjects, to give readers a chance to have their say.
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