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  • Standard Construction &Engineering Co., Ltd
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    លេខកូដ 351 310975215064337
    មុខងារ Architecture/Building/Construction
    ប្រភេទ Construction/ Architecture/ Design
    ចំនួនបុគ្គលិក >200
    មនុស្សសម្រាប់ទាកទង Mr. Sothy
    លេខទូរសព្ទ 092 59 49 30, 096 22 06 843
    អសយដ្ធាន #336, Street Vichealay, Sangkat Chroy Changva, Khan Chroy Changva, Phnom Penh
    Standard Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. (SCE) has legally registered in Cambodia as the cons- truction and engineering company.In recent years, Standard construction & Engineering has undergone an extensive modernization process, with advanced training and design processes, introducing sophisticated design software and total quality management, all of which ensure the company's going concern.The company's current projects are international projects such as Camko City Projects and BK Project located in Phnom Penh City. With the aim of developing Cambodia's infrastructure.
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