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  • Sales Manager
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    ប្រភេទ Private Limited Company
    មុខងារ Business Consultancy
    ចំនួននិយោជិក 800
    ទីតាំងកាងារ Phnom Penh Cambodia
    កំរិត Management ប្រភេទ Full-time
    ករិតបទពិសោធ 3 មុខងារ Sales
    ចំនួនដែលត្រូវការ 1 ឧស្សាហកម្ម General Business Services
    ប្រាក់ខែ Negotiable កំរិតសញ្ជាបត្រ Bachelor's Degree
    ភេទ Male/Female ភាសា English - Good
    អាយុ ទីតាំងកាងារ Phnom Penh
    ថ្ងៃប្រកាស 12-07-2021 ថ្ងៃបិទ 12-08-2021
    • បរិយាយពីការងា
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      - Manage sales forecast plan and lead sales promotion efforts
      - Manage, monitor, and evaluate performance of sales team
      - Set clear targets, motivate, and train each sales staff
      - Observe competitors’ products and activities, consolidate, and report findings to management
      - Develop and maintain strong relationships with existing/new dealer shops
      - Provide training to new and existing staff as needed
      - Conduct other ad-hoc jobs as needed
      - Develop, implement and administer monthly budget including re-forecasting and monthly variance reporting, and recommends capital expenditures. Prepare financial reports according to established reporting requirements.
      - Others if assigned by CEO and provide regular report to CEO and business owner.

    • ភាពចាំបាច់សំរាប់ដាក់
    • - Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in field of business
      - Minimum 3 years of sales experience in a wholesale/distribution company (preferably in consumer electronics) is preferred
      - Proficient with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
      - Strong communication skills: oral, written, presentation, and in person
      - People Leadership skills and strong negotiation skills
      - Problem solver – ability to identify problems and bring issues to resolution proactively
      - Excellent time management and ability to prioritize and to meet commitments.

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    • មនុស្សសម្រាប់ទាក់ទង HR & Admin
      ទូរសព្ទ 015429955/017 445 199
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