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  • Fixed Asset Supervisor
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    ប្រភេទ Private Limited Company
    មុខងារ Business Consultancy
    ចំនួននិយោជិក 800
    ទីតាំងកាងារ Phnom Penh Cambodia
    កំរិត Middle ប្រភេទ Full-time
    ករិតបទពិសោធ 3 មុខងារ Assistant/ Secretary
    ចំនួនដែលត្រូវការ 1 ឧស្សាហកម្ម General Business Services
    ប្រាក់ខែ Negotiable កំរិតសញ្ជាបត្រ Bachelor's Degree
    ភេទ Male/Female ភាសា English - Good
    អាយុ ទីតាំងកាងារ Phnom Penh
    ថ្ងៃប្រកាស 12-07-2021 ថ្ងៃបិទ 12-08-2021
    • បរិយាយពីការងា
    • - Fixed Asset management , make sure all Fix Assets have enough document to support (purchases, movement & disposals);
      - Set policy & procedure to manage Fix Assets, Inventory , Tax Declaration;
      - Prepare monthly depreciation Schedules based on Fixed Asset Depreciation, Perform Physical Fixed Asset verification;
      - Check on posting of purchase of Fixed Asset , movement, and disposals;
      - Check monthly Inventory Report from other department including variance and commentary report by ensuring correctness;
      - Produce monthly reports: Fix Asset Depreciation Report, Fix Assets on hand to Finance Manager/CFO;
      - Documentation on Fix Assets Report, Inventory Report, and Tax Declaration Report if necessary;
      - Other tasks as maybe assigned from time to time by immediate supervisor /CFO.

    • ភាពចាំបាច់សំរាប់ដាក់
    • - A minimum of 3 years’ experience in fixed asset accounting;
      - Bachelor in Business or Accounting or any equivalent;
      - Highly detail oriented and organized in work;
      - Ability to act and operate independently with minimal daily direction from manager to accomplish objectives;
      - Good interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive working relationships;
      - Good command of Microsoft Excel, calculation, Excel formula and spreadsheets;
      - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, verbal and written communication skills.

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    • មនុស្សសម្រាប់ទាក់ទង HR Department
      ទូរសព្ទ 017 445199 / 015 429955
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