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  • Finance Manager
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    ក្រុមហ៊ុន YCP Microfinance Plc. 9b9fa9c0 6d1a 4224 acea 51c35b8ec0fa
    ប្រភេទ Banking/ MFI
    មុខងារ Banking & Finance
    ចំនួននិយោជិក 100-200
    ទីតាំងកាងារ Phnom Penh
    កំរិត Senior ប្រភេទ Full-time
    ករិតបទពិសោធ 4 មុខងារ Bank/ Insurance
    ចំនួនដែលត្រូវការ ឧស្សាហកម្ម Banking/ MFI
    ប្រាក់ខែ Negotiable កំរិតសញ្ជាបត្រ Bachelor's Degree
    ភេទ Male/Female ភាសា English - Good
    អាយុ ទីតាំងកាងារ Phnom Penh
    ថ្ងៃប្រកាស 12-07-2021 ថ្ងៃបិទ 12-08-2021
    • បរិយាយពីការងា
    • (a) Finance:
      - Approve expenditures in accordance with authorizations in finance department and policy.
      - Coordinate, consolidate and produce annual budget and long-term business plan.
      - Manage daily cash flow of the Company and ensure cash and resources are available for operations
      - Review the policies and procedures to maintain stable cash flow management.
      - Review financial reports and ensure compliance with Cambodia International Financial Reporting Standards (CIFR.
      - Prepare financial analyses and provide commentary on each ratios to Board through top management.
      - Responsible for tax planning and reporting.
      - Review and design appropriate internal control system to reduce level of operational risk.
      - Manage all lending contracts and repayments and prepare monthly schedule to management team.
      - Manage all financial incentives and benefits of staff and advice to CEO. Assume the role of procurement committee members at any procurement and in accordance with the policies of the company.
      (b) Accounting:
      - Manage and supervise financial team activities of the Company.
      - Supervising Accountant to manage and verify payrolls, staff severance to ensure accuracy and consistency with the company policies.
      - Manage, monitor, and facilitate all financial transactions of the Company.
      - Provide coaching and support to accounting staff at all levels.
      - Periodically review finance and accounting policies and procedures and provide appropriate suggestions to take corrective actions.
      - Coordinate, cooperate and serve as a focus person with internal and external auditor.
      - Be responsible for preparation of full set of accounts and managing day to day operation.
      - Preparing monthly loan report and provide any suggestion when deemed necessary.
      - Review the regulatory report to National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) such that it is accurate and respond to inquiries from NBC Official.
      - Guide accounting staff to maintain accounting records, tax filing and financial statements.

    • ភាពចាំបាច់សំរាប់ដាក់
    • • Male/Female
      • Excellent communication skill, interpersonal skill, negotiation skill, organizational skill and good team player.
      • Good command of written and verbal Khmer & English
      • Maintain a high level of confidentiality
      • At least 4 years working experience in account and finance fields
      • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/ finance, accounting
      • Experience with Accounting Systems such as QuickBooks and other computer program such as PowerPoint, Access, Word Excel and accounting system etc
      • Well understanding of Cambodian Accounting Standard
      • Well understanding of Tax’s policies and procedures
      • Flexibility, self-confidence and ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
      • Excellent in numeracy, analytical, and problem solving skills
      • Familiar with national accounting standard and IFRS is an advantage

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