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  • Project Coordinator
  • ក្រុមហ៊ុន Amory Co., Ltd
    ប្រភេទ Private Limited Company
    មុខងារ Property Development/Management
    ទីតាំងកាងារ Phnom Penh
    កំរិត Entry Level ប្រភេទ Full-time
    ករិតបទពិសោធ 1 មុខងារ Project Management
    ចំនួនដែលត្រូវការ 1 ឧស្សាហកម្ម Real Estate/ Property Management
    ប្រាក់ខែ Negotiable កំរិតសញ្ជាបត្រ Bachelor's Degree
    ភេទ Male/Female ភាសា English-- Good
    អាយុ 21 - 40 ទីតាំងកាងារ Phnom Penh
    ថ្ងៃប្រកាស 22-07-2021 ថ្ងៃបិទ 22-08-2021
    • បរិយាយពីការងា
    • • Supervise all projects activities within the companies
      • Ensure that all activities are strictly in accordance to contractual specifications or company’s
      requirements or specified codes and standards.
      • Implementing for specific project procedures.
      • Sharing relevant documentation and reports with project teams
      • Providing information and regular support to stakeholders
      • Developing in-depth understanding of project scope and particulars; timeframes, financials, outcomes
      • Ensuring resources and equipment are always available
      • Providing support to General manager and business leaders when requested
      • Thorough project documentation, Creating and reviewing of reports
      • Plan, schedule, organize, direct, control and evaluate construction projects from start to finish according to schedule, specifications sand budget
      • Handle project administration, including cost control, schedule control and change order administration
      • Prepare and submit construction project budget estimates
      • Prepare contracts and negotiate revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements with architects, consultants, clients, suppliers and subcontractors
      • Develop and implement quality control programs
      • Prepare progress reports and issue progress schedules to clients and GM
      • Hire and supervise the activities of subcontractors and subordinate staff
      • Responsible and authorized for all Project Coordinator Functions.
      • Charting out the project objectives and plans, setting performance requirements.
      • Bringing optimum utilization of resources- labour, materials, and equipment, and ensuring their procurement at most cost-effective terms
      • Perform a key role in project planning, budgeting, and identifying resources needed
      • Project accounting functions including managing the budget, tracking if team expenses and minimizing exposure and risk in the project, Monitor the material and tools spending to stay on budget.
      • Collaborate with the construction site Engineer to provide all the safety needs.
      • Maintain records of all construction dates and project costs.
      • Provide the needed documents for all implementations and activities on site.
      • Ensure that construction activities move according to a predetermined schedule
      • Coordinate the efforts of all parties involved in the project, which include the architects, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and laborers
      • Inspect the construction site to ensure the appropriate level of quality control in all the phases.
      • Coordinate with the material supply chain to provide the needed supplies.
      • Supervise and facilitates equipment and component installation to assure that every process is running due standards.
      • Monitor the progress of the construction activities on a regular basis and hold regular status meetings with all the sub-teams
      • Maintain strict adherence to the budgetary guidelines, quality and safety standards
      • Other task assigned by top managements.

    • ភាពចាំបាច់សំរាប់ដាក់
    • • Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, Business Administration or related fields
      • A Postgraduate Degree in construction management is a plus
      • At least 3 years experiences in construction projects
      • Good computer literacy in AutoCAD, Google Sketchup, Microsoft Project
      • Effective time management and logical decision-making ability, Capacity to handle pressure
      • Flexible and reliable person
      • Knowledge of materials, construction techniques, and building codes
      • Excellent communication skills
      • Have a logical, analytical and creative approach to problem solving.

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