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    Are you having difficulty finding the job you want? Have you experienced being interviewed with many companies and they don’t know why they are not calling you back?

    Come visit us today and we will share with you what your skill gaps are, interview tips ( and Don’ts), help prepare a professional resume (CV), and role play with you to land you in the right job. Our success depends on your success. Whether you have experience or not, we will prepare you the professional resume (CV) you need to get the job.


    Employers prefer candidates who have the right attitude, great personality, and have the drive to learn and be committed. Do you have these traits, but still can’t find the right job? Come visit us today and meet our Consultants to learn where your gaps are, what skills you need to improve in, why your resume (CV) is not being selected. Choose the course that best meets your needs. Come and register now while seats last.


    This workshop is designed to ensure that participants understand the critical factors that affect the outcome of interviews. It will help participants raise their confidence and awareness levels and develop requisite skills towards handling interviews successfully.


    This workshop is designed to ensure that managers are able to successfully interview the right candidate for the right job. The result is a well-trained Interviewing panel that manages to select the best candidates more often than not.


    This program will teach participants to be com­fort­able in their work­place and follow norms towards being more effective and successful.


    This training aims to help participants learn to communicate with confidence and flair. Participants will learn how to structure their thoughts, analyse their audience's needs, develop key information and present it at the right level to get the right results.


    This program will teach participants how to use e-mails effectively in the workplace and how to avoid some common pitfalls when sending an e-mail.


    This program will help you know the essential factors that are important in customer service and develop a customer-friendly approach. You will know what customer service means to a business and the professional qualities required when establishing an effective professional service for customers. You will also be aware of the do's and don'ts when dealing with customers, and the benefits of providing a good customer service.


    Let our Consultants do the work for you. Whether you are seeking for a part time or full time job, our Consultants will walk you through every step of the way. Below outlines our flow chart to helping you get the right job. Come visit our office and see what services are most suitable for you.