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    About Me

    Mechanical Engineer with 6+ years of experience in lightweight materials innovation, production, and maintenance. Possess a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC San Diego. Seeking to leverage my SolidWorks expertise, leadership abilities, and materials development competency in the role of Senior Mechanical Engineer.


    B.S. Mechanical Engineering
    UC San Diego / San Diego, CA / 2009 – 2012

    A.S. Physics
    Mira Costa College / Oceanside, CA / 2007 – 2009


    • SolidWorks
    • Tinkercad
    • AutoCAD
    • MATLAB
    • Inventor HSM
    • Problem solving
    • Accuracy and attention to detail


    PRT Certification / ASME / 2012

    ADDA Certification / American Design Drafting Association / 2013

    Professional Experience

    Mechanical Engineer / SeedSecure San Diego, CA

    • Worked with a team of 10+ to ideate, create, maintain, and update lightweight materials, working primarily with carbon fiber composite
    • Increased production efficiency by 15% through the strategic minimization of bottlenecks
    • Trained 3-5 employees/year in non-physical prototyping methodologies
    • Ensured strict adherence to OSHA and FDA safety guidelines

    Mechanical Engineering Apprentice / Rathbone Pacific / San Diego, CA

    • Researched new materials-generation techniques, compiling and distributing an average of 3 reports/year to engineering team
    • Liaised between design, production, and quality control teams to ensure the highest standard of quality was being met during each stage of development
    • Consistently maintained a record of <%5 production errors through the expert care and precise handling of materials

    Tips for Writing Your Engineering Resume

    Engineering is a competitive industry — since 2009, the number of degrees earned in the engineering field has grown by almost 20%. To score the job you have your eye on, you’re going to need the right resume. There’s no need to worry though, between the downloadable sample above and the writing tips below, we’ll help you create the perfect resume for your dream engineering job.

    1. Lead with a Career Objective

    With the amount of coveted engineering jobs out there, your application is probably one of thousands that comes across the desk of the hiring manager at your target company. To ensure that they make it to the end of your resume, you need to show them the good stuff up front. Start off with a career objective that clearly states:

    • How experienced you are
    • What your lead qualifications are
    • What you have to bring to the table
    • The role you’re aiming to fill

    Make this section brief, but packed full of what you most want a hiring manager to know that you offer as a candidate.

    2. Emphasize Your Hard Engineering Skills

    Engineering is one of the most technical-skill-heavy careers out there. In the example above, our candidate is a mechanical engineer. She prominently lists the following software among her technical skills:

    • SolidWorks
    • Tinkercad
    • AutoCAD
    • MATLAB
    • Inventor HSM

    Employers will want to see which software and systems you have experience working with so that they don’t have to pick through your resume to find out which competencies you possess.

    That’s why your engineering skills resume section should be eye-catching — the hiring manager will need to immediately know whether you have the skills needed for engineering. Therefore, this resume sample features a centered skills section.

    3. Don’t Undersell Your Non-Technical Skills

    For engineering, technical skills are must-have components of your resume, but don’t underestimate the value of soft skills in engineering (transferable skills is another name for soft skills, since they’re easily transferred from one job to another).

    Not only does our candidate mention “problem solving” and “accuracy and attention to detail” in her skills section, but she also includes professional accomplishments that aren’t linked to her mechanical engineering experience.

    Take, for example, this bullet point:

    Trained 3-5 employees/year in non-physical prototyping methodologies

    Including her training experience showcases her leadership and communication abilities — in engineering, leadership skills are definitely valuable, but communication skills are even more important, since critical failures may occur if communication breaks down.


    Now that you know how to write a great engineering resume, there’s nothing left to do but write it.

    To start with, pick your favorite resume template (don’t forget to choose one with a prominent skills section).

    If you’re in a hurry, use our free-to-use resume builder to create a resume in a matter of minutes.