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  • Here are five tips to prepare yourself better and face the challenges in your new roles:

    1. Don’t “fake it until you make it.”: Use your first job as a learning experience; learn and grow as fast as you can, and more importantly, seek help, ask questions, and learning from your colleagues.

    2. Never eat lunch alone: Each of your new colleagues from reception to CEO can be your friends or mentors in your career, so build a strong social network.

    3. Set boundaries to prevent burnout: Putting extra effort is always appreciated, but you need to set personal boundaries that allow you to balance and avoid burnout. Build short breaks from work into your schedule and learn early to seek balance in your work and life.

    4. Serve your colleagues and customers: Proactively seek out ways to help your colleagues. Think ahead for new ways to please customers. Learn to make other people's life easy.

    5. Work hard and show up on time: It’s been well-documented by Malcolm Gladwell and others that hard work can be at least as important as a talent to professional success. And nothing signals seriousness to your employers like promptness, perseverance, and dedication.